Why Digital Advertising Still Lags Behind

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A recent survey conducted by software company, STRATA, in the last quarter of 2010, television still holds the number one spot with regards to advertising and internet/digital advertising is at the second position. Results of STRATA’s survey of US ad agencies to find out the advertising media most preferred by their clients indicated-

  • 44 percent agencies said that their clients were most interested in advertising on television.
  • 21 percent agencies said that their clients gave highest importance to internet marketing through online advertising.
  • 16 percent agencies said spot radio was the most preferred advertising media.
  • 7 percent agencies cited print media as the media most preferred by their clients.
  • 6 percent agencies said that their clients preferred advertising on network TV.
  • 3 percent agencies told their clients were focused on network cable.
  • 2 percent agencies said their clients gave maximum importance to spot cable.

Although clients are interested in digital advertising, higher preference is still being given to traditional advertising media like TV.

The same survey also collected information on what, according to the advertising agencies, was the main barrier preventing clients from increasing digital ad spending. 24 percent agencies said that there were no major impediments for clients in increasing digital ad expenditure. 26 percent agencies cited lack of channel effectiveness, 23 percent cited lack of advertiser demand, 12 percent said operational overheads and 5 percent indicated that lack of available talent were the main obstacles preventing clients from increasing digital advertising investments.

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