Four Ways of Marketing on Twitter

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A number of business owners use Twitter for internet marketing, but not all use the same marketing style or strategy. If you are one of the many people who use Twitter as a social media marketing platform, you might fall into one of the four categories of Twitter marketers mentioned below.


The first type of Twitter marketer is the conversationalist who is genuinely interested in the discussions and chats on the social media and is an active participant on the site. Although conversationalists use this platform for internet marketing, they rarely have a call to action as they focus more on building relationships and not just on driving sales.


Second is the conversational marketer, who clearly knows how to use Twitter for business development. Along with regular interaction with their followers, these marketers also focus on driving sales by posting links to their blogs, web pages and newsletter subscriptions.


Third is the salesman, who uses Twitter mainly to drive sales and rarely for interaction or building relationships. Although not all internet marketing companies agree with this approach, it is accepted by a number of Twitter users who use the social media solely for business or to know about good quality products.


The fourth and the last category of Twitter marketers is the broadcaster, who uses Twitter solely for posting new promotions and offers, for giving away discount coupons, and sharing company or industry related information. This type of marketer does not take any part in conversations or discussions, and may not even reply to any comments or feedback from customers. Despite all this, broadcasters often have a huge number of followers because of the free discount coupons and goodies they usually offer.


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