RSS Feeds Can Produce Effective Optimization

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Updated content is what makes a blog or site popular on the world wide web and a tool that makes it easy for you to deliver fresh content quickly to users is bound to be valuable. This is why so many blogs and sites implement RSS to ensure that their users get the latest content delivered right to them quickly. But this is not all – giving out RSS feeds is also a good way to improve your search ranking when the user is searching for information your web page or blog has.

How Does RSS Promotion Work?

Consider a user who subscribes to your RSS feeds through Google Reader. When this user enters search terms that your page is optimized for then your page stands a good chance of appearing high up in the results. The ranking you achieve now may be quite substantially higher than your regular position for similar searches. Of course, the user needs to be signed in to his Google account when he is carrying out his search for you to rank higher in this way. Google’s new altered search result ranking is the reason for this improved ranking. Search results for signed in users are now influenced by the RSS feeds they are subscribed to.

Effortless SEO

If you have online presence of any kind, then SEO visibility for your page is critical. Given that RSS feeds through Google Reader improve your page visibility significantly there is no reason for you not to undertake this effortless exercise. This way you ensure that your content is regularly reaching your target audience, plus you get ‘preferential treatment’ when they search for related information. And if you are not sure how to go about this process, just look for help from a reputed internet marketing firm like Wolf21.

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