Unique Solutions to Some Tough SEO Challenges

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Some standard tactics are used by majority of people for tackling the challenges faced in SEO of a website. But trying out alternative creative solutions may be more effective in overcoming certain challenges. Here are some common challenges faced while optimizing a website and their not so common solutions.

Challenge: Overcoming a competitor with a very strong link profile

If a competitor has a considerable lead for some key phrases, trying to overtake them at their own game may not be the best idea. Instead you can conduct research to find out alternative keywords with considerable search volume for the same audience. Creating and posting optimized video content on your own site as well as other platforms will improve video ranking and videos are known to have high click rates. Building your brand and gaining a lead over your competitors in the social media space are also very effective in tackling tough competitors and ultimately lead to increase in inbound links.

Challenge: Getting deep content of large e-commerce sites indexed

The standard solution to this problem is optimizing XML Sitemaps, increasing links to deep pages and careful internal navigation. These are useful actions but when you reach the point where these don’t work anymore, you need to come up with some alternatives. Removing pages with very low search volume, low margins and no inventory is an option. It will be easier to achieve full indexation for a smaller online catalogue and you can build on that. Other options include generating blogs on different product categories, product feeds etc. Rewriting or creating new, unique content for the pages which are not indexed may also help.

These are just two of the alternatives to traditional SEO challenges, but there is no limit to the creativity that you can apply to your SEO solutions. Whether you conduct SEO of your website yourself or take help of a SEO company, for best results, consider all possible solutions.

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