Twitter Tips for Better SEO

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With the huge popularity of social media, popular search engines like Bing and Google are trying to integrate search and social results. Twitter is among the most popular social media sites and can be effectively used to boost your SEO efforts. Here are some simple Twitter tips you can implement even without the help of a search engine optimization specialist for better SEO.


Twitter profile / bio


Your profile page should have a link to your website. Ensure that all the information on the page is relevant to your website. Rather than including link to the home page of your website, you can get better results by linking to the relevant page.


Hash tags


This refers to the posts with the ‘#’ symbol, for instance, ‘#website’ and ‘#SEO’. It is a twitter feature, which acts like Meta data for tweets. It is useful to find to trending topics on Twitter and organize your tweets.




Although nofollow, tweets are now being displayed by Google in the SERPs. So including links in your posts is a good idea. It not only helps in link building, but also offers a wider web presence. For better results, you can use effective keywords along with the links.


Tweet interval


Bulk tweets clog up the stream and can be annoying for the followers. It is best to avoid bulk posting. Tweets spread throughout the day, with an interval of 1 or 2 hours between each tweet work well.


The @ symbol


More re-tweets mean higher relevance. The ‘@’ symbol has a re-tweet effect. So ensure that you use ‘@’ symbol when tweeting or re-tweeting other users.


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