Top Tips from Pubcon 2011

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Pubcon is an annual online marketing conference and expo held at Las Vegas, offers many useful tips on internet marketing.

From workshops on search engine optimization and search engine marketing to social media marketing, you will find it all under one roof. Pubcon 2011, held recently, was packed with valuable tips and insights as expected. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event.

SEO Insights

• Because of CTR (click through rate) behavior, the traffic for rank 2 head-of-tail is comparable to rank 7 long-tail-term.
• The value of one engaged viewer is equal to 10 loosely engaged users.
• The 1st result for head-tail terms is clicked by 42% of users and for long-tail terms by 25%. A significant percentage of traffic is spread across the remaining SERPs.
• To maximize advertising returns, develop targeted niche audiences rather than focusing on short term tactics.


• Focus on what really matters. Make year on year comparisons, month on month comparisons are not likely to yield any useful results.
• Seasonality or trends are important considerations.
• Although a huge amount of resources will be required to have rankings in Google Analytics, Google seems to be moving in the direction.

Social Search

• For better performance on Facebook – improve engagement level, increase the visibility of the page and tag other brands in posts.
• Have a social strategy in place. This should include creating quality content, monitoring Twitter and Facebook accounts, and maintaining a blog.

Were you at Pubcon 2011? Let us know which  tip you felt will help your business the most in 2012.

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