Top Three Mobile Marketing Tips

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Today mobiles have attained the status of an everyday necessity. Most of these latest mobile phones have internet accessing capabilities. This provides online marketers an opportunity to reach a large audience. Here are some tips for successful search engine optimization marketing through mobiles.

Take the first mover’s advantage

Mobile marketing is still in its initial stages. This does not mean you need to wait and watch. By acting now, you will have the first mover’s advantage. Experiment and optimize you mobile marketing campaign. Capturing a significant share of the market now will be much easier than in a few years, when the market becomes highly competitive and aggressive.

Make use of customer history

Knowing what exactly your customers want will help you offer better user experiences. You can make use of customer history for this purpose. For instance, if you sell ebooks online, customer history can help you find out customer preference. In case a customer prefers science fiction, you can suggest the latest books available in that category and shorten the purchase cycle.

This is especially important in case mobile transactions, as mobile users are usually on the go and may not have much time. Also, the download speed on mobile may be low, so you need to ensure that the transaction is completed in minimum possible number of steps.

Design simpler, faster apps and gratify instantly

One of the important reasons for huge popularity of social networking is the instant gratification provided by it. Today users expect instant gratification. Although difficult, you should strive to provide this. It is a good idea to design specifically for each device to ensure that your apps are fast and easy. Give greater importance to usability than visual appeal.

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