Tips to Turn Browsers into Buyers

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A significant amount of money is spent by website owners on advertising and other internet marketing methods to increase website traffic. But all this investment will be wasted if your conversion rates are very low. So before you invest in attracting more visitors, you need to ensure that your sales process is foolproof.  For this, three things are most important.

Excellent sales copy

You hardly have a few seconds to convince a visitor to stay on your website, so the headline of your sales copy should be able to grab their attention and get them interested in finding out more. Once you have attention of the potential customers, the sales copy should identify their problem and explain how they can benefit from your product. It should also build your credibility. Further you need give customers a reason to buy your product instead of your competitors. Finally, the sales copy should compel visitors to take the desired action.


Most people trust testimonials. They are a proof that the product really works. Testimonials are especially important for new online businesses. There are various ways of gathering testimonials. If you get positive feedback from a customer, ask them if you can use the comment on your site. You can also give free samples of your product and collect feedback. You can send emails to your customers asking for their feedback and inviting testimonials.

Easy buying process

A survey conducted by the Gartner Group indicated that the reason for loss of more that 50 percent of web sales is inability of visitors to find what they are looking for. Easy and intuitive navigation is a basic requirement for a successful website. Clear ‘buy now’ buttons, minimum steps for buying, various payment options and a contact number all help in making the buying process convenient for customers.

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