Tips on Selecting the Right Keywords

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In online marketing, selection of the right keywords is undoubtedly the most critical task. Keyword research is a very important step in SEO too. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right keywords to develop a robust online marketing strategy.

Know you customers: Market research is necessary to find out the behavioral traits of your customers. For example, if you are offering legal services in the U.S, ‘lawyers’ is a better term than ‘solicitors’ which is more common in the U.K. Your keyword selection strategies should be based on your target customers and their behavioral patterns.

Competition research: Analysis of your competitors – their size, coverage, services offered and targeted keywords is important intelligence required for selecting the right keywords for your online marketing efforts and SEO. You can reduce your competition by selecting keywords more specific to your product and services or focus on an area with lower competition.

Specific keywords: If you select keywords based merely on popularity or high search volume, you will end up with very generic keywords. These keywords will bring heavy competition. It’s a better idea to select 3 to 4 word long, more specific keywords, which have a good search volume but less competition.

Concentrate on local market: In the initial stages of the business, it makes sense to keep your goals realistic. Concentrate on the local area where competition is low rather than going global.

The most popular tools used for keyword research are Google AdWords Keyword tool and Word Tracker. You can get the most out of these tools by making use of the advanced search options. For example in case of Google AdWords tool, going for the ‘exact’ option can fetch more focused results. An SEO company also uses these tools extensively to come up with a good set of keywords for your website.

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