Tips to Reuse Email Marketing Newsletter Content on Your Website

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Email MarketingHave you made use of your email marketing newsletter content on your website? If not, now would be the time to do it. Using this content is not only free and effective, but also one of the best search engine optimization tactics. The recent changes in Google’s algorithm give greater importance to unduplicated quality content and this is exactly what you have in the form of email marketing newsletters. Here are some tips to help you use this content effectively on your site.

Get rid of the inapplicable sections

Newsletter content is sure to have a few sections that are irrelevant in a website article. Content in a newsletter is read only once, within a few days of being sent, while website content lasts for a long time. So any mentions of upcoming or current events need to be eliminated or restructured.

Change the format to match that of an article

The newsletter content should be formatted to match other regular articles before being posted on the website. A separate page should be allotted to every newsletter and links to next and previous posts as well as full index should be included.

Tone down the sales pitch

Articles are usually written with the purpose of providing information and generating interest among readers, while the newsletters focus on call to action. So when you use newsletter content on your website, the hard core sales parts need to be toned down. An informational and neutral approach is more appropriate for an article.

Make it attractive

When you send newsletters through email, you need to go easy on the flash. But when this content is to be used on your website, it can be treated as other attractive web pages. You are free to make use of audio, video and graphics to get across you point more effectively.

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