Tips to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

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Whether the purpose of your website is selling or providing information, loading time has a significant impact on its usability. Most internet users find slow loading websites frustrating and prefer to jump to other sites. The efforts of your SEO specialists to get top search ranking for your site will not give great results, if your website scores low on the loading time. Here are some tips to speed up your website.


Clean up your CSS


Use of CSS is common in most websites today. Ensuring clean and aggregate CSS is essential for fast loading website. You can use tools like CleanCSS for this purpose. This particular tool removes redundant properties and whitespace from your codes and merges similar selectors.


Make use of splash in your links


When a user clicks on a link without splash (/) at the end, the server takes some time to find out the type of page or file present at the address. Using splash (/) at the end of link informs server that the page at the address is a directory page, cutting short the loading time.


Don’t forget to add height and width tags on image codes


These tags provide information about the image size to the browser. This helps the browser load rest of the page, reserving a spot for the images. So the overall load time for the page reduces.


Use the right format


Using the right image format can make a significant difference in the load time. For instance, GIF or PNG formats are a good choice for images like buttons or logos, while JPEG is apt for photos.


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