Tips to Optimize Your Google Places Page

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A large number of searches have local intent. Due to this, Google Places listing is coming up in many searches. SEO specialists agree that focusing on local search marketing is a great strategy, especially for small businesses. This is a great opportunity for businesses to make a place for themselves on the first page of relevant search results and increase the number of relevant visitors on their page. All you need to do is effectively optimize your Google Places page. Try these tips to improve your ranking in Google Places.

Encourage reviews

Reviews are very effective in improving local search ranking, but good reviews are difficult to come by. You can do a number of things to encourage satisfied customers to write reviews like including an effective call to action, asking visitors to write reviews, on your websites and sending messages to your email list and Facebook fans, encouraging them to write reviews on your Google Places page.

Ensure that your profile is complete and consistent

Google Places profile has many field and all are not mandatory. Google aims to provide the best experience to the users and complete information means a better experience. Providing as much information as possible through your profile will improve your ranking. Apart from the required fields, ensure that all the optional fields in your profile are also filled out. It is useful to include additional details, videos and photos of your business. Along with completeness, consistency of information across different citations is also important. Such consistency makes your Places page look more trust worthy.

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