Tips to Improve the Quality Score of Your Ads on Google AdWords

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quality scoreWhen Google renders your Adwords ad in search results, it compares your ad with others to give it a quality score. In theory, the higher your quality score is, the lower your  cost  per click  .

Efforts to improve your quality score should be a part of your ongoing  PPC management efforts. In order to improve your score, you need to know which factors AdWords considers in its calculation. Some of the most important factors that influence you quality score are click through rate (CTR), landing page load speed, landing page relevance and ad history.

CTR is the single most important factor on which your quality score depends. Improving your CTR will automatically raise your quality score, and improving your ad copy is one of the most effective ways to boost your CTR. You need to include the targeted keyword once in the headline and once of times in the body of the ad. It is important to ensure that the keyword appears naturally. Capitalizing the first letters of all words in your keyword, excluding conjunctions and prepositions, is recommended.

Testing is also very helpful in increasing your CTR. You should create different ads for closely related keyword groups, each focusing on a completely different benefit. The CTR for each of these ads will help you pinpoint the benefit that most interests your target market. Now you can create more ads focusing on this benefit. Other than increasing the CTR, optimizing your landing page so that it loads quickly, ensuring that the keywords are closely related to the ads in your ad group and making sure that the landing page is clearly relevant to the content of your ad will also help in improving your quality score.

For the nerd in us all, here is a Google video that describes how they calculate quality scores.

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