Tips to Improve Your Content Strategy

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Quality content is the first requirement for high search rankings. This content includes not only the content on your website, but also other content like Facebook content and video content. Along with the website content, your content strategy should take into account all the other content as well.

Image content: Managing image content is simple. Make appropriate use of alt text on images, follow Google’s best practices for image optimization and set up an image sitemap with search engines.

Video content: Majority of users prefer to watch a video than go through content in text format. Video sharing sites like YouTube have made this easy. For effective use of video sharing sites, along with useful and interesting video content, you also need to add keyword rich content for better search results.

Facebook content: Your Facebook content needs a separate strategy. Easily sharable content and content that can start a discussion works best on Facebook. The content has to be unique, helpful and regularly updated.

Twitter content: In case of social media marketing, content created with the sole purpose of self promotion doesn’t work. It’s important that the content be useful, interesting and fresh.

Blog content: Blogs are a great way of creating a community and getting in touch with your target market. You can provide a lot of information and answer customer queries through blogs. It is important to create blog content with SEO in mind. A successful blog can have a number of benefits for your website.

Synergy of content on different channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and others is the secret of successful content strategy.

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