Tips to Improve Adsense Results

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Today Adsense is a source of income for many website owners and bloggers. Ad unit optimization, content targeting, ad positioning, along with effective web traffic marketing can help increase the revenue generated by these sites.

The only way to find out for sure what works best for your website is through testing. There are some tried and tested guidelines that many marketers have found useful. But no two websites are same, so testing different colors, formats and positioning is the only way to identify what is best for your website. Here are a few tips you may find useful.

If your website has a dark background color, ad units with contrasting border and background may give better results than the units that blend in. But if your website has a light color scheme, ad units that blend in may be preferred. Ad blindness is an issue for websites having many repeat visitors. You can reduce this by rotating the color used in ad background.

Blue is believed to be an effective color for links. But you can match the color of your Adsense links to that of the other links on your website. For instance, if all the links on your website are green in color, you can use the same color for your Adsense links. It is best to avoid use of borders for ads placed inside content, but you can use them for ads not placed within content. For such ads borders help in drawing more attention to them.

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