Four Tips for Higher CTRs

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Marketers obsessing over conversion rates are a common sight, but CTRs are equally important in a PPC campaign. It is one of the most important metrics in PPC management, as clicks ultimately lead to conversions. Here are some tips to help you improve your CTRs.


Create tightly-themed, small ad groups


Although there are no hard and fast rules, try to keep a target of around 10-15 keywords for each ad group. With tightly-themed, small ad groups, it is easy to keep you ad copy relevant to the ad group. This will improve your CTRs, as your ads will be more relevant to the user’s search phrases.


Include a price in the ad copy


If your ad copy does not provide information about price of the product, viewers may assume it to be expensive. Provide upfront cost information in your ads to prevent loss of customers because of such assumptions. If low cost is your USP, include it in the ad headline and attract more clicks.


Include symbols, action words


Build a sense of urgency with action words like ‘limited time offer’ and ‘exclusive’. This will encourage viewers to click without delay. You can also use symbols like @ and signs like (+) to give a unique look to your ads.


Make use of ad extensions


Various ad extensions like product, location, sitelink and phone are available on Google. Make use of all the suitable extensions. Although these may not be displayed on all searches, they can make your ads stand out and improve your CTRs.


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