Tips to Gain Your Customer’s Trust

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Security is the greatest concern for internet users considering an online purchase. Potential customers won’t make a purchase even at a site with the best security measures, if they don’t trust the site. Gaining customer trust is essential for success of any online business. This is not an easy task, especially for a new website. Here are some tips to help you gain your customer’s trust.


Give your customers a great first impression


A great first impression is vital to build trust. An original and professional website design is the first step towards building customer trust. A website meeting high standards in layout, style and typography gives visitors impression that the website owners don’t cut corners on design, so they are not likely to skimp on other things like security.


Ensure all the content on your website meets high quality standards


Content is the essence of a website. A badly written copy can undo all the points gained with a good design. Content should be devoid of jargon, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It should be written in an appropriate tone and in such a format that makes it easy for visitors to scan through it.


Have your site’s security verified by third parties to reassure customers

Customers find it difficult to trust unfamiliar new websites. They need reassurance that it is a safe site. Trust marks can help reassure visitors and turn them into customers. Trust marks are linked graphics implying that the website’s security and privacy practices have been independently verified by a third party. Such security certificates reassure potential customers about legitimacy of a new website, encouraging them to make a purchase.


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