Time Saving Tips for Efficient Social Media Management

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Today, social media is an important part of company internet marketing strategy. Although it has many benefits, social networking can be very time consuming. Here are some tips to help you manage social networking more efficiently.




Today many popular social sites offer the option of automated setups, which allow you to link your Facebook page to your Twitter account or your Twitter account to your LinkedIn page. This enables you to automatically update all your social media outlets by posting at just one or two places. The drawback is that different sites may have dissimilar audiences requiring unique posts.


Social networking clients


Free downloadable software aimed at simplifying or enhancing your networking experience at a specific social site is called its social networking client. Most popular social sites have these. For instance, Tweetdeck is a social networking client for Twitter. It offers many tools for improved Twitter management. To help you respond to appropriate messages, Tweetdeck can manage all messages with your twitter name or directly sent to you.


Avoid making a sales pitch


Many people commit the mistake of making a sales pitch, before building their online credibility. This can result in loss of money, time and connections. Ensure that you build online credibility before you begin selling.


Respond where required


Responding to the large number of messages and conversations on social media sites can be overwhelming. But you do not need to respond to each and every message or take part in all the conversations. You can set aside some time once or twice a week, to respond to your social emails and posts. You can make things easier by responding to only those messages that pose a question and require an answer from you, rather than responding to every post.


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