The Key to Yellow Pages™ Advertising

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A Globe and Mail article details changes in the yellow pages industry, specifically with the Yellow Pages™ Group in Canada.

Several months ago, The Yellow Pages™ Group adapted a keyword platform for their online product,™. Of course, with online advertising, you can track the exact words consumers are typing into the search box to search your site. From the information provided, you can build your own data base of keywords and use it to focus your website to your audience. In this case, the Yellow Pages™ Group is adding and deleting headings to focus on the exact keywords their consumers are choosing.

Why should you care?

If you are designing your yellow page ad, you need to study the language your clients are using to find you and make sure to include the keywords in your internet ad.

Don’t forget about the print as well. Yellow Pages™ Group digitizes your print ads. If your print ads are online as well, you will increase your chances of being found by including your keywords.

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