Five Steps to Build a Keyword List for Your PPC Campaign

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Advertising is an important part of internet marketing strategy and keyword list is a basic component of a PPC campaign. Effective keywords are the key to success of a PPC campaign. Here are five steps to help you build an effective keyword list.


Outline the goal of your PPC campaign


Set clear goals before you start building keyword list. For instance, your goal may be to generate leads, encourage free trail or sell your products. Having a clear objective will help you come up with effective keywords.


Come up with a list of keywords


Brainstorm and prepare a list of phrases and words that may be used to search for your product/service. For instance, if you sell designer shoes, your list may contain phrases like designer shoes, designer boots, designer leather shoes, men’s designer shoes and the like.


Make use of keyword tools


Many handy keyword tools are available that can provide a lot of useful data about the keywords being used to find your product/service. Google’s free keyword tool can provide keyword suggestions based on the keyword list you enter.


Perfect your keyword list


The list of keywords obtained with the help of a tool can be a long one. This will have both useful and irrelevant keywords. So once you collect all the possible keywords, you need to perfect your list by deleting the irrelevant ones.


Categorize keywords into ad groups


The final step is the sort the keywords into different groups, each containing around 10-15 keywords. An ad group can contain any number of keywords, but the target of 10-15 is a good starting point. At the end of this step, you will have tightly themed ad groups ready for your PPC campaign.


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