Social Media – One of the Best Relationship Marketing Tools

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Relationship marketing is known to be an effective method of business promotion and social media is one of the best tools for this. The aim of relationship marketing is to develop brand awareness, relationships and customer loyalty. It may be a while before you start seeing the results of relationship marketing, but they are worth the wait. Here are some tips for effective relationship marketing with the help of social media.


Brand building


The standard brand building tactics used on a website, like a clearly visible logo and consistency in all your pages are applicable to social media pages as well. Branding is one of the main objectives for social media marketing. Proper use of this platform can lead to significant increase in the brand awareness.


Consistency in posting


It is essential to maintain a minimum posting frequency of once a week for all your social media pages. Posting frequency between three and fourteen times a week is considered optimum. The best way to determine the right posting frequency is by keeping an eye on the user response.


Providing value

The posts need to be informative and entertaining to grab the attention of users. Information on the progress of your company may be interesting for you, but the users are likely to find it dull. Unless you post updates that provide value to the customers, you can’t keep them coming to your site frequently.


Connecting with the key players


Every network has some key players. These are the people who have the power to influence others opinions. Identifying and connecting with these key players can provide many great promotion opportunities.


One comment on “Social Media – One of the Best Relationship Marketing Tools

  • Social Media makes it amazingly practical to form new relationships, and to nurture existing relationships, anywhere in the world! They make it convenient to communicate globally, instantly, virtually for free. This is truly revolutionary!

    Marshall McLuhan is famous for saying, “The medium is the message.” McLuhan tells us that a “message” is, ”the change of scale or pace or pattern” that a new invention or innovation “introduces into human affairs.”

    The new media have indeed changed the scale, pace, and pattern of communication…

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