Three of the Best New SEO Tools

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Newer and better tools are continuously coming up in the SEO industry and making use of these tools can make your life much easier. Here are some of the latest tools, which can be put to very effective use by a SEO company.

Keyword Research Beta

Richard Baxter, who is counted among the best in the SEO industry, has come up with a great new keyword research tool. The tool is currently in beta phase. It combines the data for rank, search volume and traffic and enables you to find out the potential for both targeted and untargeted keywords. Once you develop a campaign, get on a Google Analytics account and arrange keywords in suitable groups, you can put keyword research beta to work.


Link building is difficult for most people but Ontolo has made it much easier. Many of the tasks, searches as well as tracking processes involved in link building which had to be done manually can now be automated using Ontolo’s extensive and diverse tool set. Ontolo also includes some simple tools for tasks like removing duplicates and combining keywords. This tool is not for beginners though. is a tool especially made for tracking links in Twitter. You need to plug it into your Twitter account to get a timeline of all the links that have been tweeted by you or your friends’ accounts. This can prove to be very useful when you want to quickly analyze what kind of topics people in your network are discussing, so that you can initiate meaningful discussions with them and better engage them.

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