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For most SEO specialists, it’s impossible to imagine life without some handy tools. make the whole process of SEO much more manageable and life much easier for SEO experts. Here are the top picks for 2011.

Recorded future

This is one of the most useful tools not only for SEO but for monitoring and brand building as well. The ingenious tool’s ‘Temporal Analytics Engine’ presents multiple future possibilities by gathering information from thousands of online sources which include blogs, social media channels, government and trade organizations, news authorities and other databases. The tool looks for ideas, sentiments and trending topics at all the sources. This enables you to take advantage of search volumes, rising interests and predicted sales trends.

SEOmoz Tools

Many tools from SEOmoz have been around for a very long time. They provide a wide variety of software and programs that can make things much easier for a SEO company. Some of the best tools provided by SEOmoz include the Open Site Explorer and the Rank Tracker. The Open Site Explorer enables you to identify and prioritize links based on domain strength and also to view and compare them.  By setting alerts using the Rank Tracker, you can ensure that you are the first one to know about a drop in your or a client’s listings.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The Screaming Frog is one of the best tools for gathering data about your website, like URL issues, meta data, redirects and the like. This makes it easy to spot errors and find a solution. The tool includes additional features like the facility to present data on Excel spreadsheets. To top it all, the tool is available for free.

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