SEO nightmares – Week 3

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The web site design is done in photoshop and the writing for all the chosen keywords is 90% complete.
We are now into coding the site taking advantage of all the on-page factors search engines like to see.

Having perfected our code over the years, we write it as simple and light as possible. <Table>s got thrown out a couple of years ago, although it’s surprising how many people still use them and weight down their code, plus restrict their creativity to lay out a page. We can predict what is going to happen when the css renders the file each browser, however just to be safe every website is checked in all the major browsers on Mac and Windows to make sure the end user has the same experience regardless of the platform. Each browser has it’s own little quirks that we have to be thoughtful of. Images are only used for pictures or logos, always with alt tags, and never for text or navigation bars. We have also started to replace pixels with ems, so that the site has maximum flexibility. If an end user has his fonts set to a larger size than normal the whole site enlarges, not just the text!

The site is now bullet proof, works in all bowsers, all font sizes and has maximum searchability, what more can a client ask for!?

The title and meta tags also need to be researched and written, nothing is guessed we do our research and write most optimized title tag and meta tags with the most compelling words to entice the user to ‘click’. After all the end user will scan the title tags in the search engines and will often click on the one that is the most enticing, which is not necessarily the first one!

I need to get more photo’s this week for each landing page and start to shoot testimonial videos, so that can be edited very soon and sent out to all the video sites with tubemogul.

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