How SEO Has Evolved Over the Years

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With the popularity of the internet soaring in the nineties, people realized that with the use of proper meta tags, search engines could be manipulated for high website rankings. But Google’s entry on the scene changed the dynamics of the search engine industry. Now inbound links to websites were the measure of the popularity of the website, a key factor used by Google for determining search engine ranking results. This in turn gave way to search engine optimization, which has become an important part of every company’s website design and internet marketing plan today.

An important task in SEO is selection of appropriate keywords and weaving them into website content. Meta tags also have an important role in SEO, even though they are not as important as they used to be in pre-Google era. The title and description meta tags should be chosen very carefully. Title tag is given a lot of importance by most search engines.

But SEO of today is not as simple as it started out in nineties. With the changing times, search engines have started using more sophisticated algorithms to come up with more relevant results. The search engines now not only consider the key words and meta tags for indexing results but also take into account other aspects like the popularity of your individual web page. In order to assess popularity, the search engine considers the number of relevant pages linked to your web pages.

Search engines have gone a step further and now apply lexical techniques, meaning they consider words related to keywords as well as synonyms to assess the relevance as well as quality of your page in relation to the search. For success in SEO efforts today, you constantly need to be keep track of these evolving search technologies.

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