Why You Need SEO Audit Before Building Your Website

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The process of SEO should ideally start before you even start building your website. Once your website is built and ready for launch, it can sometimes already be a bit late to call in a search engine optimization specialist. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider a SEO audit before building your website.

URL structure

Keyword research is necessary to develop effective URL structure. Website developers and designer know that the website needs to have information about the business and, the products and services offered by it. But without an SEO audit, it is impossible to find out what kind of URL structure would be most effective.

Keyword focus

A successful website needs to have a clear topical focus throughout its pages. Keyword research is essential for this. Developing content and later trying to include keywords can be a tedious task and may not give desired results. It is best to conduct keyword research before developing website content so that the keywords can be naturally inserted, rather than being forcefully added later on. Keyword research also helps identify trending topics and current data to be included in your website content. SEO audit, which includes keywords research, conducted before website development has many advantages.

Social media initiatives

Social media efforts without proper SEO audit are like aiming in the dark. You may be able to connect with your target market, but SEO audit enables you to maximize your efforts. SEO audit provides information regarding target market, social media opportunities and competitive landscape. This helps you prioritize your activities and make the most of your efforts.

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