Rogers Communications Announces Employee Cut Backs

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And the bad news just keeps on coming for Rogers Communications.

Rogers Communications has just announced a vague number of employee cut backs. The looming recession was cited as the reason behind the cutbacks. The job losses were announced within the organization, the same day as the news of Ted Rogers’s death was making headlines across Canada.

Although Rogers is considered to be well positioned within the industry (many others have recently taken similar cost cutting measures), a steep decline in advertising spend has caused a tightening-of-the-belt across the Rogers multi-media empire. Job losses have occurred, and are reported to continue occurring at Rogers Media, Rogers Publishing, and at the Toronto Blue Jays franchise.

Currently, in midst of the major cutbacks that include employee jobs, travel allowances and restrictions, and personal employee spending, Rogers Communications is currently searching for a successor to the late Ted Rogers.

Rogers currently employs just less than 30,000 employees. About 100 positions are reported to have been cut and more are expected as we enter 2009.

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