Refine PPC Ad Copy to Increase Site Traffic

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PPC Ad CopyPPC advertisements can be an excellent internet marketing platform for attracting more traffic to your site. However, as the cost per click for these ads can be high because of competition, you should make sure that they are good enough to attract customers and increase sales. To ensure that, keep the ads fresh and distinct by refining them from time to time.


Considering your products and services, you can modify your ad to be suitable for different times of the year such as holiday and festive seasons. That way you can connect to the customer’s present mood and appeal to them better. In case you have any special deals for the particular season, mention that also in the ad.


When including the discount deals and offers in your ad copy, be sure to mention the price, the duration of the offer and the benefits for the customers. Also, ensure that the landing page content reiterates the ad copy and provides adequate details about availing your offer.


Another sure way to make your existing PPC ad attractive is to use a question in it. This not only grabs attention, but also intrigues the customers about what you have to offer.


Adding geo-terms like – name of your city and the locations where your services are provided, to your ad copy can boost your local business. If you can afford it, run multiple ads using different sets of keywords to attract different kinds of customers. Also, place your ads on different search engines and affiliate sites for more exposure. But wherever you place it, make sure to highlight your USPs and contact details in the ad content.

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