Three Reasons to Have a Facebook Business Page

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Today you risk losing many opportunities if you ignore social media marketing. It has become an essential part of the overall internet marketing mix. Among social networking sites, Facebook is undoubtedly the most important. The total number of Facebook users, which is more than the US population, is the biggest indicator of its huge popularity.

In spite of this, there are a number of companies that don’t have a Facebook page. A company may not have a Facebook page for a number of reasons like lack of resources, time, knowledge or understanding of its value. If you are among these, here are 3 reasons why you need to consider creating a Facebook business page.

Your customers expect you to have a Facebook page

The biggest reason to create a Facebook page is that your customers expect you to have one. Checking Facebook updates has become such an integral part of their daily lives that they are sure to search for your brand to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ it. You risk disappointing valuable customers and being viewed as non-relevant by not having a Facebook page.

Greater exposure

Search engines like Yahoo!, Bing and Google index Facebook business pages, so you can improve your brand exposure using effective SEO SEM marketing techniques. Properly optimized pages regularly appear among the top few search results. Even internet users who do not have a Facebook account can view these pages.

Improved consumer engagement

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for increasing consumer engagement. It enables you to develop a long-term relationship from a simple transaction. You can stay connect and develop a community of loyal customers who make repeated purchases.

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