A Look at Queryminer’s Negative Keyword Tool

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Adwords is one of the most popular advertising platforms, but it does not provide marketers any great tools. Even the Adwords ‘optimize for conversions’ feature has a few major loopholes. Advertisers need to look for tools outside Adwords to improve results. Cost, conversion and ROI are some of the most important considerations for effective PPC management. QueryMiner’s negative keyword tool focuses on these factors.


Most advertisers use modified broad or broad match, which can result in waste. If your can find out the source of this waste, it can save a significant amount of money. This is where this tool comes into play.


How it works


The tool has a unique approach based on conversions. It groups similar words and brings ups those groups that are not converting, but costing a significant amount. For instance, the term ‘fresh fruits’ may give you only a few clicks, ‘fresh organic fruits’ may give a few more clicks and the number of clicks for ‘great offers on fresh fruits’ may be even higher.


Examination of individual data on these terms will not provide definitive answers about including them in the negative keyword list, but if the aggregate results indicate that the terms with ‘fresh fruits’ have cost thousands without converting, you have the answer. QueryMiner’s negative keyword tool can provide such useful insights.


The analysis


The tool is easy to set up and you also get a tutorial on ‘grabbing a search query report’. The ease of use is the best thing about the tool. Uploading the search query report will provide some useful data. You can get a part of the data for free and need to sign up for the rest.  As advertisers have an opportunity to use the tool before buying, it is definitely worth a try.


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