Promoted Tweets to Followers – What it Means for Advertisers and Users

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Popular microblogging and web traffic marketing platform Twitter recently announced its new ad venture named ‘Promoted Tweets to Followers’. It is the boldest monetization effort made by the site to date. LiBeck Integrated Marketing Co-founder and CEO Li Evens in a chat with WebProNews offered some insights on what this move could mean for advertisers and users.

Promoted Tweets to Followers will allow marketers to place promoted tweets at the top of user timeline. This will provide a better chance for marketers to get their messages through to the users. For the success of this ad venture, Twitter needs to ensure that the service provides measurable results to marketers.

On the other hand, the microblogging site needs to take care not to annoy users with excessive promotions. Twitter has made efforts to avoid alienating users by ensuring that they receive tweets only for the brands they follow. Like regular tweets, promoted tweets too will appear just once and scroll through the timeline. Users can dismiss them from their timeline with just a click.

According to Evens, currently the promoted tweets are unobtrusive to users, much like Facebook ads, and users are likely to get used to them. The venture is likely to be useful for all, if advertisers provide real value to users. Promoted Tweets to Followers is a part of Twitter’s bigger monetization plan to be released later this year. Evens points out that the social networking site can utilize a number of elements like promoted chats and celebrity tweets to further increase its revenue.

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