Profile of Adults on Social Media and Its Implications on Social Media Marketing

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Along with age, a person’s life stage is also a major deciding factor for their social media presence and shopping preferences. Media Audit conducted a survey to understand the relation between life stages and social media presence.

According to this survey more than 60% of the participants having children at home used social sites like Twitter or Facebook. The average usage of social media sites among adults is 51.3%, which is much lower compared to the usage by adults with children at home. Among these, parents with children below six years were most likely to be avid social media users at 67.1%. Parents of preteen and teenage children were not far behind at 61.3% and 58% respectively. Parents like to show off their little ones to friends and family and social sites are a great platform for this.

There is some more good news for those interested in social media marketing. The survey also revealed that socially active parents were more likely than average social media users to buy consumer durables like large appliances, cars, PCs, video cameras and even a new house. The survey collected information from social media users on their plans to make some big purchases like PC, car, household appliances, TV and the like over the next year. Compared to average social media users, parents of children below 6 years of age were much more likely to make a big purchase.

The likelihood of parents with children above 6 years making a big purchase was also higher compared to average social media users. Social media is certainly a lucrative advertising space worth consideration, especially for marketers of consumer durables.

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