PPC Campaign – Diagnosing and Solving Issues

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PPC Campaign TargetPPC campaigns are an important part of internet marketing. But development of a PPC campaign is a tedious process. You need to conduct keyword research, create well targeted ad groups, create ads for each ad group, develop effective landing page and conduct research for best bids. Even after putting in so much effort, if you don’t get the desired results, you need find out the cause behind it.


Diagnose the cause of poor performance


If you have conducted proper keyword research, considering search volume and other factors, the first thing you need to find out is, whether your bid is enough for your ads to show. Your average position for the campaign and your impression share metrics will help you find an answer to this question. Your ads may not appear on the first page or you may be getting lower position impressions less likely to be clicked, if you average position for the campaign is below 7.


Other issues that may be behind poor performance of your PPC campaign include low quality score, poor ad text and very restrictive match types. Low average position and impression share can also mean quality score issues. CTRs are a good metric to assess efficacy of your ad text.


Find a solution for the cause of poor performance


In case of quality score issues and low CTRs, you need to rethink your campaign structure and optimize your ads by testing your ad copy. Poor performance in spite of good quality score points towards need to increase bid. You can consider less restrictive match types, if it is the cause for low traffic volume.


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