Out-of-the-Box Ways to Get Backlinks

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Link building is one of the basic SEO strategies that all good SEO specialists are experts in. Some of the most common methods of getting backlinks include blog commenting, article submissions, guest posting, social bookmarking and forum posting. Other than these, there are a few more easy ways to get back links. These include;

Adding information to Wikipedia

With an encyclopedia as extensive as Wikipedia, having more than three million articles (counting just the articles in English language) on most of the topics you can imagine, it is not too difficult to find an article to edit. Once you find a page lacking information that is relevant to your area of expertise, you can edit it. Ensure that you have an article on the same topic on your website/blog. This provides you a reason to add your link to that article. As the site is no follow, your objective is to encourage readers to link to the article on your site rather than the Wikipedia article.

Creating multiple series lists

Multiple series lists are popular for various reasons. Readers find it easier to scan a list and grasp the information conveyed through it. If you go back and take a look at your older posts, you will find that multiple series lists get the maximum backlinks. For instance, if your post is titled ‘30 tips to boost sales’, and you divide it into three parts, with each part containing 10 useful tips, it is very likely that readers will link to all the three parts rather than just one part. This means more number of backlinks.

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