Optimize Your Landing Page for Maximum Conversions

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The importance of landing pages for the success of any type of online promotion cannot be overemphasized. This is especially true in the case of paid marketing. Most marketers focus on subject lines and ad copies, but many of them tend to forget landing page optimization. Even if you ensure that your ad appears at a prominent position with top search engine optimization, you cannot get desired results if your landing page is ineffective. Here are some of the most critical aspects of a landing page.

Effective Layout

You barely have a few seconds to make a good impression on the visitors and to encourage them to stay longer on your site. Your first impression largely depends on the overall layout of your landing page. According to a study carried out by Silverpop, single column layout is the most popular. It is applied in 36% of all effective landing pages. Only 14% and 1% landing pages used two column and three column designs respectively.

The study also indicates that postcard and box format landing pages are popular. They used by 22% and 25% landing pages respectively. The usage varies based on the type of business. Boxes are more popular among B2B businesses, while B2C landing pages tend to be in postcard format.

Concise and Logical Copy

Your landing page copy needs to be short and logical. This rule applies to all types of marketing content. Short and well written copies are much more effective than overly verbose ones. Also, the content should be relevant to both, the original call to action that brought the visitor to your page as well as the product/service being promoted

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