Optimize Your Facebook Page with These Applications

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Most marketers use their Facebook fan page either as an online products brochure or as an effective community building tool. But your Facebook fan page can do much more for you. Here are some useful applications for adding customized functionality to your fan page.

FAQ tab

Addition of a FAQ tab can help visitors understand your offering more clearly. With this application, you can create a question and answer page in which answers are revealed when users click relevant questions.

YouTube for Pages

This application enhances YouTube integration with your page. It enables comment support, import of uploads/favorites and import of play lists.

Static FBML

This application enables you to customize your Facebook fan page in many ways. With Facebook Markup Language (FBML), you can add multimedia content and even Google Analytics code to your fan page. You can create richer HTML components with this application. You can also add Photobucket Slideshow Gallery, Flickr Gallery etc with the Static FBML application.

Contact me

You can add a separate contact tab to your Facebook fan page with this easy to install application. It also allows you to customize the contact form by adding your logo, contact number, email address and social media profiles.


With this application you can add user generated testimonials and other content to your Facebook fan page. One negative aspect of this application is that it may lead to an increase in spam.

Today social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and Facebook is one of the biggest players in the field. These applications will go a long way in making your Facebook fan page much more effective.

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