Are Online Videos the Right Choice for Your Target Audience?

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According Ad-ology’s survey to find out the percentage of small business owners interested in using online videos, 45 percent respondents expressed interest in using more online videos. The results also indicated that 22 percent survey respondents were baffled with workings of online advertising.

The results of a survey by Forbes Insights might be able to help marketers understand whether online video ads are the right choice for their target audiences. In this survey, information on attitude of US executives, according to different age groups, towards watching in-stream online video ads was collected. The results indicate that younger executives are more favorable to such ads compared to older ones. Among executives under 40 years, 30 percent strongly agreed to being comfortable watching in-stream online video ads while among executives older than 50 years, only 7 percent strongly agreed that they were comfortable with such ads.

However, compared to all other internet marketing media, videos grab maximum attention. The same Forbes Insights survey found that 59 percent executives were likely to watch a video first in case both video and text were on same page. According to findings of, ads displaying working of a product received most favorable response.

The list of top 10 online video properties ranked according to ad views by internet users offered by comScore can help marketers decide on the best site to place their ads. The best places for online video ads include Hulu, Tremor Media,, Microsoft sites, BrightRoll, Nabbr, CBS interactive, Google sites, AOL and

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