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Everyone associated with online marketing is interested in search engine rankings. We repeatedly go through Google results to gain an understanding of our standing against competitors. Google changes its SERPs  often and you need to constantly monitor how your web pages are performing for important keywords. There are a few tools available, which can make the task easier by numbering Google rankings.

For FireFox

Numbering is possible on Firefox using Greasemonkey scripts and some other alternative addons. A script called “Tuned Google SERPs” can prove to be very useful. The script adds numbers to SERPs, but remember that the numbering does not work with Google Instant. However, it does work even if you are viewing more than the standard 10 results per page. Another alternative is the “Google Ordered Lists” addon for FireFox, which works with Google Instant as well  for more than 10 results.

For Google Chrome

If you prefer Chrome over Firefox, use the “Number Search Engine Results” Chrome extension. It works well for numbering results from Google, and is compatible with Google Instant and for more than 10 results.

Numbering Google search results can be very helpful in tracking your internet marketing efforts. But before you start with, it is important to understand the limitations of this technology. First of all, indented results may not be numbered correctly by these tools. These tools may present results next to main listing, which may not be accurate. You should also keep in mind that if you haven’t disabled personalized results, the numbering is going to be incorrect.

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