Google +1 Button – Even More Useful for Users and Publishers

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Since the launch of the Google +1 button in June, its popularity has been growing rapidly. The button, which lets users recommend web pages across the web, crossed the two billon views per day mark just a month after its launch.

A number of improvements have been made in the button. Efforts have been made to make it faster. Presently it is visible on over a million websites and boasts of four billion views per day.

Google recently announced the launch of 2 new features in +1 buttons. The search engine giant is trying to make the button more helpful for both users and publishers with the newly launched features. Now Google+ members can use the +1 button to share desired web pages with friends.

To share, users just need to +1 the web page they wish to share and choose ‘Share on Google’ option. This option allows users to express their opinions through comments and share desired content by selecting a Google+ circle. This feature makes it very easy to share content and start conversations instantly. For marketers, it is a useful way to widen their reach by creating more share-worthy content.

The second newly launched feature is called ‘+snippets’. When users share content through +1 button, a description, an image and a link are automatically included in the share box. Apart from being great conversation starters for users, +snippets are also very useful for publishers.

You don’t need to be a search engine optimization specialist to customize your +snippets and increase the sharing of your content on Google+.

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