Monitor Your Website to Prevent Loss of Business

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A broken sign-up form or a cart failure can result in significant loss of business. The longer you take to detect such problems, the more will be your losses. The best way to detect problems at the earliest is with the help of site monitoring services. Many such tools are available at a very reasonable cost.

Even if you don’t make any changes, you can’t guarantee reliable functioning of your website. External factors can cause malfunction of some of your website elements. For instance –

  • Problems experienced by your web hosting service provider, due to power outages, software updates or other causes, may cause problems at your website.
  • If your website contains links to external sites, deletion of the target pages or URL changes may result in failure of these links.
  • There is always a risk of your website being hacked.
  • Unannounced changes by service providers like shopping cart services can result in failure of essential elements of your website.
  • Changes in popular browsers can affect the look and functionality of your website requiring changes in website design.

All these factors are out of your control, but have an impact on your website. Although a website monitoring tool cannot prevent security failures or check functionality of your website on different browsers, such analytics tool can point out a variety of such problems at the earliest. This can prevent significant loss of revenue. To begin with, you can monitor sign-up forms and cart transactions, load time, up time and broken links.

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