Maximizing Your Sales Through Segmentation

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Segmentation is such a critical component of Internet marketing. When developing your marketing campaigns, as an Interment marketing company, we recommend thinking about how you can segment your audience to maximize conversion.

On the front end, from a traffic generation perspective, here are two examples of how you can achieve this. If you have set up a Google+ page for your company or if you are considering setting up one, set up separate circles around different product lines.
For example, if we you sell sporting goods, set up a circle for each sport. What’s great about this is that when you are communicating value or a promotion, you can send the information to the appropriate circle. This way, if a client or prospect is interested in hockey, they will get information that is relevant to them. Not only does this strategy improve your relationship with them, but it will improve your conversion to presentation and sale.

Another example is PPC. If you are setting up a PPC campaign, ensure that your add groups are narrowly focused. Ensure that your ads and landing page are also completely consistent. Don’t drive your hockey campaign to your home page. Drive your hockey traffic to your hockey page. And provide a hockey offer that they can opt-in for.

If you are using an email automation system, you can further segment your audience based on behavior. For example, if a prospect gets to your site and downloads a broad-based eBook on sporting goods, you may not know what product line they are interested in. To further segment your audience, develop an automated email campaign that places them in a hockey sequence if they click on a hockey link within your initial, general sporting goods sequence.

Maximizing conversion is all about being specific. It’s about one-to-one communication with your audience, just like you would if you were face-to-face.

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