Marketing Strategy – Domino’s Posting Online Order Comments in Times Square

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Domino's marketing strategyLooks like Domino’s Pizza Inc is going “all in” with their latest social media experiment. In a continuation of their tell-us-what-you-think marketing strategy, the brave souls at Domino’s are posting a stream of online order comments about the company on a massive billboard in New York City’s Time Square.

Good or bad, comments will be posted after the usual obscenity screening. CEO, Patrick Doyle said, “Our customers deserve, and have come to expect, honesty from us – and when it comes to the idea of posting direct feedback in Times Square, it really doesn’t get more honest and open than this.” Now that is an understatement.

Talk about courage. We have written about Domino’s foray into social media before when Domino’s was basically forced into the brave new world through a video that a couple of employees added to YouTube. At the time, they grabbed a Twitter account to communicate with followers about the video in which 2 employees did revolting things to a pizza. They were so late to the game that they hadn’t taken their name on Twitter yet so they had to run with the easily recognizable dpzinfo. Follow the link, I am not kidding.

Domino’s has come a long way in social media since that time and continues to encourage its owners to connect with its customers through Twitter or Facebook, choosing to take a pro-active approach as opposed to many companies waiting for the trouble to start before building their online reputation.

Like life, Internet marketing is a marathon. Its not how you start but where you finish. Seems as though Domino’s has learned its lessons and is quickly putting the rest of the field behind them.

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