Marketing ROI that Maximizes Your Advertising Dollars

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I have attended a few conferences of late and I have noticed an underlying theme among presentations, lunchtime discussions, and even water cooler talk. ROI, and how online marketing companies are forced to utilize a strategic combination of tracking programs to give clients a good indication of how campaigns are working. Even these combinations of programs, however, don’t give enough detail and really pinpoint what are the best places to spend their money. They want more detail, more follow through, more integration with online and offline campaigns.

At Wolf we are always testing, improving and trying to deliver what the market wants. In this case specifically, that would be better marketing ROI.

Save money and cancel the pay per click keywords that you had previously raised the budget on because they had good click through rates, but now you know just tire kickers coming to your website. Stop the monthly magazine ad that isn’t even paying for its placement costs.

We have new technology that will enable our clients to track what print, radio, TV advertising campaigns are bringing new customers to their company and what keywords in natural search or pay per click are making the phone ring! This is huge, now you can spend your marketing/advertising dollars only on what’s bring you new customers and cancel what is eating your budget with no return.

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