Looking for Marketing Ideas? A Trip to New York Can be Just What the Doctor Ordered.

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You gotta love New York, the fast pace, the attitude, the cost of living…well let’s forget about the cost of living and enjoy the experience, especially if your creative side has taken a leave of absence and your brain needs a jolt. Check out  the massive purse outside the Dior store.My daughter lives in New York and brings everyone who visits her to the Dior store just to get a look at the Herculean purse. My wife, Karen , was hoping it was real.  A woman’s purse can never be too big you know. Great marketing as you will only see in New York.

Here is a sample of  Diesel’s, “be stupid” branding campaign. Incredible really, who else could make stupid cool except for the fashion industry. Next time you you have a brain freeze when you it comes to ideas on marketing ideas for your company, head down to Manhattan for some inspiration.

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