Why Localization is a Good Idea for Websites

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The importance of localized internet marketing has greatly increased in recent times. With search engines like Google and Bing giving more and more importance to location in their algorithms, it makes sense to create content specific tor users of a particular region. A user’s physical location has considerable influence on the search results. If two users in different locations like New York and San Diego search for the same term, for instance ‘pizza’, the results that come up in the two cases will differ significantly due to the differences in location.

Your business can get a big boost if you ensure that your website has high visibility in searches of users from particular locations. This is especially beneficial for small businesses serving a limited area. For search engines to identify your site as among the top 10 sites for a particular locality, two things are most important. Creating great content that provides value to users of a specific locality and link connectivity to your pages from sites relevant to your target location.

The first step towards successful local SEO is creation of localized content. The key lies in identifying content unique to a specific area and highlighting it on different levels like state, city and even a locality. An effective way of doing this is by highlighting things like sales tax differences, shipping rates etc in your content.  The ultimate goal is to create excellent quality content that is valuable for users of the target region.

Local link connectivity is also important to convince search engines of your authority in a particular locality. You can start your local link-building efforts with local directories like Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Superpages and Yelp. Localized content of high quality will help in getting relevant links.

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