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If you are a National company and you have logged into your Google Analytics account lately, you’ve noticed that there is a steady increase in visitors coming to your site using a local search modifier with a keyword term.

More and more often , users are typing in seo company Toronto rather than just seo company. Although Google renders results based on your IP location, tweaking the algorithm is an ongoing process and the general population doesn’t know or care about how the results are rendered. They just want local results.

The growth of mobile advertising only serves to increase the urgency for advertisers and advertising platforms to get creative in their approach to local search opportunities.  In an interview with MarketingMag.ca, Marc Tellier, CEO of Yellow Pages Income Fund agrees; “I think we’re going to see a trend in the Internet, broadly speaking, or digital media, to go more local.”

SEO companies have been preaching local search for a couple of years now but it has taken time to develop into  a category that can produce a significant return on investment. Looks like smartphones might be the vechicle to kick it into overdrive.

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