LinkedIn Fundamentals Remain Strong

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The world of social media marketing is a dynamic place. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are considered the front-runners of the industry. Every small action taken by these companies is publicized.

In comparison, LinkedIn has always kept a low profile. The business social network seems rather boring in front of sites like Twitter and Facebook. But the newly public company has proved that utility is more valuable than just popularity.

In its very first quarter as a public firm, LinkedIn has surpassed Wall Street expectations. Analysts estimated the social network’s EPS (earning per share) to be $0.01, but it managed an EPS of $0.04. The company’s revenue, which was $54.9 million in the second quarter of 2010, more than doubled to reach $121 million this year.

LinkedIn also reported $4.5 million income. The company’s IPO was released in May and on its first day the stock almost doubled in value. As LinkedIn is one of the first social networks to go public, many experts consider the company’s IPO an indicator of public interest in such companies as the likes of Groupon, Facebook, and Pandora are expected to issue IPOs in the coming year.

Compared to the second quarter of 2010, the number of LinkedIn members increased 61% to reach 115.8 million. The page views and unique visitors are up by 80% and 83% respectively to reach 7.1 billion and 81.8 million a month. In spite of the low profile, the business social network is doing very well with record number of page views, members and visitors.

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