LinkedIn or Facebook – Which is Better for Advertising

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If you are considering advertising on popular social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook, first you need to understand the functionalities of each platform for effective PPC management. Due to the huge quantity of data at their disposal, both the platforms are developing innovative ways to enable marketers to target their advertising messages more effectively.

Depending on your business and your objectives, one of the platforms may be more suitable than the other as both of them cater to different demographics. Careful consideration of the benefits offered by each platform will help you get maximum return on your investment.

LinkedIn Ads

If your target market consists of businesses, LinkedIn may be the best advertising option. LinkedIn ads make use of professional information, which results in highly effective B2B advertising. Ability to deliver ads only to the members having specific titles or qualifications ensures maximum efficiency. Targeting relevant LinkedIn groups can also be very effective. If you move quickly, you may be able to make the most of current low prices. But the popularity of LinkedIn ads is rising rapidly, so you need to look out for sudden hike in the prices.

Facebook Ads

Among social networks, Facebook is the most popular platform for advertising. Facebook’s advertising platform is similar to early Google AdWords interface. Compared to mature advertising channels like Google AdWords, this platform is still underutilized and developing, resulting in low advertising costs. Even those with very limited budgets can consider Facebook ads. Huge amount of personal data used for targeting advertising messages makes it the best option for B2C advertising. Its geographic targeting is useful for entrepreneurs located in cities and metros, but not for those in rural areas.

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