Link Building Guidelines for Beginners

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Link building is a vital part of search engine optimization. With so many websites targeting similar keywords and offering identical products and services, aggressive link building is one of the most effective ways of staying ahead of the competition. Whether you carry out link building on your own or opt for expert SEO services, the bottom-line is that in order to make a place for yourself in the top search results, you require an effective strategy to get more authoritative and relevant links than your competitors.

Both internal and external links should be considered in your link building strategy. Internal links refer to links between the pages of your site. Search engines assess the importance of individual pages and their content based on the internal link structure. To improve your internal link structure, you can add a blog, link web pages using keywords and their variations, add a site map having links to all your web pages, opt for absolute links rather than relative links and ensure that every page has a minimum of two internal links.

Search engines determine the authority of a website in a particular industry based on the number of backlinks it has. When it comes to backlinks, quality and relevance is more important than quantity. A single relevant link from an authoritative website can give a greater boost to your search ranking than many low quality links. Some of the ways of getting backlinks include blog commenting, exchanging links for services, social media marketing, guest blogging and submitting your site to major directories.

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