Launching a Social Media Campaign That Gets Results

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Are you looking to launch a social media campaign or trying to get better results from your existing strategy? If so, this post will provide some helpful tips that we recommend as an Internet marketing company.

We all know that it’s critical to communicate with a social tone and manner in social media, so let’s move on to some of the things that drive real results for business.

The first thing to always think about when marketing online is that content is king. To drive results through social media, it’s all about creating value and inspiring your prospects.

It’s also critical to make each social network unique in terms of the value that you provide and the offers that you make available. This tactic is all about maximizing fans on all of your social media channels. The bottom line is that if they are all the same, with the same content, what’s motivating a prospect to join multiple social networks?

If you haven’t already done so, we’d also recommend researching your competition. Check out their offers, how they’re positioning themselves, and how they are differentiating themselves. Opt-in for their events. Know them inside out. Review all of their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

You want to analyze how they are promoting their company name, key personnel, and product lines. Do they have separate profiles set up? What keywords are they optimizing for?

View the comments and conversations that are taking place. For example, in LinkedIn, do they have their own group or are they participating in groups? And, how are they interacting with prospects?

By performing in-depth market research, you will gain a clear understanding of how you can stand out, provide relevant offers, and truly deal with the pain points and desires of your prospects.

It’s then a matter of outlining the objectives and developing your social media plan. Quantitatively, you want to establish goals for your network size including followers, fans, and members.

You want to establish goals for commentary about your brand, product, etc. You want to establish objectives for visitors by traffic source, as well as leads generated, presentations, and sales.

For a more complete picture of if your social media is succeeding or failing, you also want to establish qualitative goals such as the sentiment of comments.

If you have any questions regarding competitor analysis and how to establish goals for your social media campaign, please comment.

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